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About Me

Ok I admit it, the picture is old. This photo was taken in 1999 by Cristina Bie. The web site was created using iweb version 3.0.4 and no longer hosted by mobileme but EverWeb version 2.9.1. I continue to take pictures, the intention of this web site is to try and have fun and help people with their photography.  If there is one problem being British, it’s the national culture of reticence; 41 years in America solved that problem. I also hope this story gives anyone hope who comes from humble beginnings, we all need help and a bit of luck but there is only one person who can make the decisions and implement the actions and that’s you. Do not expect any help free, it always comes at a price. I consider my life a success, an intact family, good friends and a bit of dosh, all in all not bad for a potentially “Sad Bastard!” paulharris8@icloud.com

Name: Paul Harris

Age: 72

Birthday: July 5,1946

College: North Devon Technical


Major: Fat Zero, Nothing, Nada

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Book: any Le Carre

Favorite Movie: Citizen Kane

Favorite Food:Fish & Chips

Favorite Quote: " Just because

you are no longer Paranoid

does not mean they are still

not after you."

I have also always liked Hunter

S Thompsons quote " I cannot

condone sex, alcohol drugs and

violence but they have always

worked for me!"